Some Past Accomplishments
while on City Council

Development Los Angeles Air Force Base Recreation
Hyperion LAX Schools
Infrastructure Public Safety Supporting Our Seniors


Downtown Utility Lines Moved Underground - The power and utility lines were placed underground to beautify the downtown area.
General Plan - The general plan is the blueprint for how the city should grow and develop. It addresses multiple elements from land use, to noise pollution, to traffic circulation. We were able to complete the entire plan in less than one year with full public participation.
Most Business Friendly City Designation – We were honored with this designation in 2006 because of our speedy permit and plan check process; 24-hour average turnaround time for issuing business licenses; modest fee structures for utility users and transient occupancy taxes; innovative business tax credit programs; implementation of customer service surveys; use of the assistant city manager as an ombudsman to facilitate projects; and incorporation of an economic development strategy in the City’s general plan.
Plaza El Segundo – I supported attracting retail tenants with strong name recognition to the then undeveloped site at Sepulveda and Rosecrans to increase customers and sales tax revenue to El Segundo. To this front, we succeeded at bringing in 36 high revenue stores. We are also working with the developer to build up the undeveloped area to bring additional stores, and thus additional revenue to the city. These stores not only bring convenient shopping options to the El Segundo residents, they also provide El Segundo citizens with entertainment options close to home. These additional tax revenues increase our ability to fund our city projects and programs.


Hyperion Mitigation Agreement - This agreement allowed El Segundo to hire an engineering consultant to evaluate the many construction projects at Hyperion with funding provided by the City of Los Angeles. This Mitigation Monitor had the ability to investigate these projects to evaluate their effects on El Segundo and how they could be managed.


Douglas Street Gap Closure Project – Douglas Street was extended between El Segundo and Rosecrans Boulevards, allowing another corridor for El Segundo residents and employees to travel into our city.
Douglas/Nash Streets – Funding has been obtained and construction has begun on returning Douglas and Nash Streets to 2-way streets (will be completed later this year). Douglas and Nash were changed to one-way streets to satisfy CalTrans requirements related to the onramp to the 105 Freeway. The traffic problems CalTrans predicted in that area never materialized and convenience and safety have been compromised.
Street Improvements – Repaved major Eastside Streets and slurry sealed many other streets.
Sewer Assessment District - When the city was nearing its contracted sewer capacity at Hyperion, we were able to prevail on the property owners in a large block east of Sepulveda Blvd to pay for changing their flow from Hyperion to the County Sanitation District.
Sewer Pump Stations Overhauled - Many of the pump stations were renovated to maintain their useful life.

Los Angeles Air Force Base

BRAC - During the 1991 round of BRAC (Base Realignment and Closures), a group of us worked to find housing options for Air Force personnel. It was felt that without more housing the base would be moved. We formed a coalition and went to Washington D.C. to lobby for keeping the base in El Segundo. The result was the Los Angeles Air Force Base was saved from that round of BRAC. Another round of BRAC is being proposed for 2013 and again in 2015. I will continue to fight to keep our base in these coming rounds, as it provides a major economic engine for many businesses and residents.


2005 Settlement Agreement – El Segundo received money from Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) , which runs LAX for the City of Los Angeles, to sound insulate eligible homes in our city. The settlement also requires the airport to downsize the number of passenger gates it operates to a total of 153. No other airport has ever been forced to limit its passenger capacity this way and it is a truly historic achievement.
FAA – We were able to persuade the FAA to change navigation procedures at the airport in 3 months instead of the normal 12 months to reduce noise in the northwest residential area.
LAX Early Turn Camera System – An aircraft catching surveillance system was installed to catch the flagrant violators of the no early turns policy. For additional information, please see the ABC Channel 7 news article/video.
LAX Early Turns - After lengthy negotiations with the FAA and several air traffic tower chiefs, a system was implemented that has dramatically reduced, though not eliminated, aircraft turning over the west end of El Segundo.
LAX Easement Agreement - We were able to work out an agreement where the cities around LAX could get funding for sound insulation of homes in noise impacted areas. When the City of Los Angeles refused to honor this agreement, El Segundo was forced to sue to get $1.4 million which was used to insulate a group of residences in our city.

Public Safety

Building of Fire Station 2 – Dedicated funds and ensured LEED Certified Fire Station 2 was built on budget. This fire station enhances the department's ability to better serve the entire community.
Fire Station One Expansion - Fire station one on Main Street was in need of both more office space and apparatus bay area to hold the vehicles of the fire department which we were able to accomplish with the expansion.
Second Paramedic Unit - The Fire Department had just one paramedic transport unit and an assessment squad with only one paramedic. A second paramedic transport was added to improve the overall level of service.


El Segundo Beach – City of El Segundo Beach Facility and Lifeguard Station Construction has been initiated.
Campus El Segundo Athletic Fields – The 2 – 100 yard x 65 yard synthetic turf athletic fields, snack bar, restrooms, maintenance building & seating were opened to the public after the Grand Opening & Dedication Ceremony on August 18, 2007.
Park Upgrades - Many of our fine parks had the playground equipment upgraded for the safety and enjoyment of our children. Some of these parks include the Recreation Park older kids & younger kid play areas, Candy Cane Park, Kansas-Holly Park & Sycamore Park. Constitution Park was created from bare land under the power lines as a passive park while Valley Park gave the residents in the southwest area of the city a park with a children’s playground. All these updates, in addition to the wonderful programs that our parks and recreation put on, helps make this a great city. I will help ensure that these projects continue for the benefit of all of us.
Golf Course - Working with Chevron Land and Development, the city was able to gain the land to add an improved golf course and lighted driving range for the recreational needs of the citizens of El Segundo. The golf course was built to allow another recreation facility for El Segundo where an old existing course had deteriorated.
Golf Course Upgrades - The tees and driving range were improved in order to keep our facilities in great condition.
George Gordon Clubhouse – The Clubhouse has been updated, including adding additional safety features to keep all of our citizens out of harm's way.
Library Addition - The community felt that the existing library was too small to have the collections that were needed, the children’s area was very cramped and the library processing area needed more space. The library went through a major renovation to give the citizens of El Segundo the fine facility we have now with a large public meeting room and an expansive children’s area.
Renovation of Urho Saari Swim Stadium - Major renovation of this facility was completed, including asbestos removal and encapsulation. New windows were installed in keeping with the architectural elements of the building. This building was then classified as a historic building per the new historic building ordinance making the stadium the first and only building in El Segundo to have such a designation.


City - School Library Affiliation - With our local school district needing more funds for the classrooms and each school having a separate library, a co-operative agreement was developed to allow the city to combine the out-of-date school collection with the city’s library. This allowed the collections available at each school site to be improved and provided city staff to operate the libraries, saving the school district considerable money.
Joint Use Agreement – This agreement allows the School District to use City facilities & the City to use the various School facilities when not in use by the other party.

Supporting our Seniors

Joslyn Center Addition - The main room and kitchen of this senior center were cramped for potluck dinners, dances and other senior activities. This facility was expanded and upgraded to provide our seniors the space they deserved.
Park Vista Senior Housing - This 96 unit apartment building constructed on existing city property, along with purchased property, was paid for with City funds. Without using federal funds, the city is able to set its own qualifying criteria for this affordable housing for our senior citizens.

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