Dear El Segundo Citizens:

I’m Carl Jacobson and I am an independent candidate with a strong history of proven leadership, creative solutions and fiscal integrity. My wife Nancy and I have lived in El Segundo for 41 years. Nancy is a retired El Segundo Kindergarten teacher and I am the IT Director at Glentek, located in El Segundo. We have two children, Jennifer and Jill, who grew up and graduated from the El Segundo schools and now both live in El Segundo and are raising their families here.

False accusations have been rampant this election cycle. These vicious attacks on my integrity are simply not true. I am continually looking out for what is best for our city, not what is best for me or any specific business. It is unfortunate during this important time that I am forced to maintain silence about critical city issues. Due to pending litigation involving a personnel issue, there are many things that the city council is unable to discuss. Though it would be beneficial to my campaign to talk about the specifics, my responsibility to our city comes before my personal desires.

El Segundo prides itself on being a business friendly city. These businesses bring in the revenues that help make our community great. El Segundo not only features some of the lowest business taxes in the region, but also offers exceptional tax credit incentives that can reduce those fees even further. It is important to have a stable business community to keep revenues at the level necessary to support our public safety, parks, other city services and education.

That being said, I believe Chevron’s taxation needs to be reviewed. Chevron and the City of El Segundo need to collaborate and establish a thoughtful and balanced approach and not rush to a vote. We cannot simply compare our refinery tax revenue to other cities due to different taxation rates. The taxation structure of all refineries is unique to each community and will require an in-depth review. A city council sub-committee has been established to review the issue of taxation and this committee is in discussions with Chevron. I am confident that the sub-committee will provide a thoughtful analysis that will be presented for review during open session at a city council meeting in the upcoming months.

Regarding the dismissal of our City Manager earlier this year, Mayor Busch said, “It turned out not to be a good fit.” Unfortunately, the city council cannot discuss this issue nor answer questions the community may have concerning the dismissal. As soon as the city council is able to share information about the litigation with the city, it will most certainly do so. Unfortunately, the city may never be able to release the full story due to legal restrictions. The city council has done its best to support and protect the people of El Segundo, and will continue to do so.

I encourage you to read the Herald's 3/1/12 front page article to learn more about the current issue involving Chevron and El Segundo’s ex-City Manager. It was a well researched piece and presented a balanced account of the events. You can also see all the candidates’ viewpoints on multiple topics by watching the ESRA Candidate Forum.

I do not have special agendas. I have always been open & honest. I work hard and always have our city’s best interests foremost on my mind. I believe my participation and accomplishments demonstrate my passion for our city’s success. Not only is it my job as your councilmember, but also my passion, as my entire family lives here and they are raising their families here too.

I am happy to discuss this further if you would like to contact me directly (; 310-322-7090). I would also love to hear your thoughts; our citizens’ inputs are extremely important to me.

Thank you for taking the time to understand the full story.


Carl Jacobson

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